Manning Park’s Favourite Lookout: Open for 2022!

Many have been anticipating the opening, and we can finally say that Cascade Lookout is now open for the 2022 summer season! Come see the best views, accessible to all.

This breathtaking view is a favourite for many of our visitors, and it’s only a 30 minute drive from Manning Park Resort (no hiking required!). 

Located across the highway directly opposite from the resort, turn left at the first intersection and drive up to the lookout point to take in stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. 

The lookout is open 24/7, so while camping is not permitted, we encourage visiting at night for arguably the best stargazing in the park.

UPDATE: The road to Dry Ridge (beyond the lookout) is open and Dry Ridge Trail is accessible. The barricades have been removed and the gate remains locked at the parking lot. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Canoe (or Kayak) in Manning Park

Canoeing on Lightning Lake is something out of a fantasy world: from the calm and clear water, to the tree-embellished views of the Cascade Mountains. The stillness and natural beauty is something that can humble anyone who experiences it.

Canoeing and kayaking are great ways to get out in the wilderness while getting active, and here’s the top 6 reasons why we recommend it.

It’s Family Friendly

Canoeing or kayaking is accessible for anyone in the family. It’s a great low impact way to get everyone involved. You can even rent Tandem Kayaks or 5-person Mckenzie Canoes from our boathouse to help distribute the work! Grab grandma, grandpa, and the kids, and take it at your own pace. Remember to stop and enjoy the views.

It’s Cost-Effective

These activities certainly won’t break the bank; a 4-hour canoe or kayak rental is just under $50. It’s even cheaper if you bundle our Canoe Package with your stay here.

Reduce Stress

Being outdoors is one way to reduce stress, and exercising is another! You get both when you’re out kayaking or canoeing. Getting out on the boat is meditative and calming due to its low impact nature. If you’re having a bad day, we recommend getting into a kayak. Instant mood booster.

Getting Closer to Wildlife

You can find many critters in and around the lake. See ground squirrels at the shore, and look up to the sky to see birds. If you have a fishing license and know the regulations, you can even catch some fish.

Environmentally Friendly

This activity has very little impact on the environment. Canoes and kayaks are quiet and motorless, and they don’t cause any pollution or erosion to the lake.

Celebrate Culture

Canoes have been crucial to coastal Indigenous life, using these boats to travel along the waterways far before the arrival of settlers. These canoes were carved out of trees, creating a strong bond between land and water for Indigenous peoples. Celebrate this beautiful craft they share with us.

Bonus: It’s a Great Instagram Photo.

A snapshot of your kayak tip at the mercy of our natural landscape is really something special. Share it with your friends! And always tag #manningpark so we can see your adventures and share them too.


Photo by Jon Ross

A Letter from Our GM, Vern Schram

 As I reflect over the past winter season, I am extremely grateful for the season we were able to provide as it was in serious doubt early on. As you know, there were significant challenges to overcome at the start of this past winter related to the atmospheric rivers and resulting road closures and travel restrictions, the ongoing COVID developments, supply chain issues and industry wide staffing shortages. With the support of our long-time partners, local heavy equipment operators and our resilient staff, we were able to complete the necessary repairs to the Alpine and Nordic areas and open our operations for our valued guests for winter operations on December 22/21.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who visited MPR this past winter for their support, patience and cooperation as we navigated through the various COVID mandates, the Christmas cold spell and a variety of other operational challenges. It was gratifying to hear all the positive feedback with the opening of the new BC Parks Skyview RV Campground and the renovations made to the Standard Cabins and Bear’s Den. We had hoped to have more cabin renovations completed for this past winter but supply chain issues and other factors beyond our control caused delays on this front. We hope to resume our planned upgrades as the ongoing supply chain issues become resolved.

If there is one thing I have learned over these past two years, it is that there is no such thing as “normal”. This is both exciting and concerning at the same time. The concerning portion is that a great deal of what we will be faced with is unknown or new to us. However, this is also very exciting as this allows us to venture into new territory and explore our operations with fresh views and new perspectives. We hope you will be excited as we are with the new opportunities that have, and will continue to present themselves to all us to provide our guests with improved experiences here at MPR.

Again, we thank you for your support in allowing us to provide you and your loved ones with a safe and memorable winter experience. Summer will soon be upon us with new and exciting adventures to be had, so please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Vern Schram

General Manager

Our Top 4 Stargazing Spots

We look to the stars for guidance, companionship, information, and history. Our dark skies are an integral part of humanity, and you can see them best here at Manning Park. It’s no secret that our Dark Sky fosters some of the best stargazing around! Surrounded by over 83,000 hectares of protected forest and almost no light pollution, our stargazing is unmatched. 

Take advantage of our Dark Sky Discount to get 25% off accommodations this spring. Plan your stargazing trip this spring. All you need to do is subscribe to the Dark Sky Mailing List. That’s it!

Valid for lodge rooms, all cabins, and chalets. Blackout dates apply.

Manning Park’s Top 4 Stargazing Spots


Windy Joe Field

Located in the middle of our cabin loop to the west of the resort. This is a very accessible location, although there will be more light in this area as it is around the Resort.

Lightning Lake

4km from Manning Park Resort on Gibson Pass Road. The viewing area is located at the far end of the parking lot in the field by the lake. You can find parking in the day use parking lot.

Cascade Lookout

8km on the Blackwall Peak Road. This is a winding mountain road with 1150m elevation gain. Please use caution! Parking lot is at the Lookout.

Please note: there may still be snow on this road in the early spring months.

Subalpine Meadows Parking Lot

16km up Blackwall Peak Road. The road is paved 8km to the Lookout, then gravel. Parking is in the Lower Lot, near the Naturalist hut. Viewing is in the upper parking lot. Walking off the path is prohibited.

Please note: This road is not accessible until July 1st.

Although these spots may be the top favourites, any place in Manning is a great place to see the stars: in front of your cabin, on the side of the highway, out on a night stroll. Take the time out of your evening to enjoy the richness and enjoyment our stars provide us with.

We offer beginner Centron Firstscope telescopes for rent from our Front Desk for $7 ($5 if you’re a member of our Dark Sky Mailing List!). All astronomers report to Manning!

2022/23 Season Passes on Sale!

Purchase a season pass, and ski for free for the remainder of the spring season, starting March 1st!

It’s that time of year again – season passes are on sale March 1st. 

Can’t wait for next season to come around? New 2022/23 season passholders can ski March 1st until the end of this season. Buy early to get the most out of your pass! 

NOTE: We’ve changed our season pass sales from time-sensitive rates to new tiered capacity-based rates. Quantities are limited. Once a tier is sold out, prices go up to the next tier. Get your season pass early to secure the best price.

Nordic season passes now include snowshoe access at no additional cost. Alpine passholders have the option to upgrade with a Nordic add-on for an additional $79, which includes full access to all Nordic trails, including snowshoeing. 

All season passes are non-refundable, except if Manning Park Refundable Season Pass Option is purchased. See Alpine & Nordic Season Pass FAQ webpage for more details.

Reciprocal deals for the 2022/23 season will be available next winter.

RV passes are no longer available. Check Skyview RV Campground for daily, weekly, and monthly rates


Purchase Alpine Season Pass


Purchase Nordic Season Pass

Gwenneth MacKinnon


When you are longing for the quiet of the pines and swish of skis, we pile into cars and head to Manning Park. Families gather, to enjoy the glory of it all.

Show us Your Manning Park Family – Video Contest

Show us your Manning Park Family this winter! Whether it’s your family by blood or your chosen family, we want to see your best winter experiences at Manning Park Resort. Show us in a 1–3-minute video, and you can be entered to win…

A 2022/23 Season Pass for your Family!

VIDEO CONTEST: Video footage should be of your family enjoying winter activities at Manning Park Resort. Show us what you love to do best here! Is it hitting up the terrain park with your buds? Playing board games by the fire in the cabin? Polar Coaster tube races? Cross-country ski up to the Cascade Lookout? Show us in a 1 to 3-minute video.

Be creative and have fun! We’d love to see some unique aspects of your Manning Park winter experience that we might not typically see.

PRIZE: A 2022/23 Family Season Pass (valued at $1899!)
Valid for 2 adults and up to 4 children (under 18 years) who live at the same address
*If a family pass is not required, winner can redeem up to 3 adult season passes.

CONTEST DEADLINE: February 28th, 2022

This contest is now closed.


Video requirements:
1080 preferred
Landscape, not portrait (required)

This is an amateur contest! While we don’t expect you to have professional video quality, here are a few tips to get the best quality footage you can:

  • Record in landscape mode (horizontal with your phone, not vertical.
  • Avoid shaky footage.
  • Have clear audio (if applicable)
  • Keep your editing simple.
  • Have fun!

The videos must be a minimum of 1 minute long, a maximum of 3-minutes.


  • Submissions are accepted by DropBox video upload or via YouTube on your personal channel.
  • To complete your submission, you will need to fill in this GoogleDoc form, providing your details and express permission for us to share your video through our channels.
  • Multiple entries are permitted


  • An adult (19+) must submit the video, and any children who appear in the video must have consent provided by their parent.
  • All mountain rules must be followed. (All laws for that matter!)
  • Drone footage is not permitted as drones are required to have a permit to fly in BC Parks.
  • Helmet use is recommended when doing Alpine activities.
  • Only current footage within Manning Park Resort will be considered. (As much as we love it, no Orange Chair, sorry!)
  • You must have full authority to enter this video into this contest and the video is original and owned by you.


  • Winner will be chosen by a panel at Manning Park Resort at our discretion.
  • Prizes will be awarded upon winner verification.
  • The winner will be notified by email in early March.
  • If a family pass is not required, winner can redeem up to 3 adult season passes.
  • No transfer of prize to a third party is permitted. No cash value.

Skyview RV Campground Is Now Open

BC Parks has just announced that Skyview RV Campground is now open. 

This new BC Parks RV Campground is located on Gibson Pass Road in Manning Park Resort 4 km off Hwy #3. This year-round RV Campground is next to the Lightning Lake Day Use Area. With over 90 sites in the summer and 60 sites in the winter, this year-round location is sure to be an immediate favourite with all visitors of E.C Manning Park.

The RV Campground features large pull-through and back-in sites. All winter sites offer full services with 50-amp power, water, and sewer. The 32 summer use sites have 30-amp power, water and sewer. A large, bright modern washhouse is available year-round.

Rates and Reservations

There are nightly sites, weekly sites, and long-stay monthly sites available. Rates can be found on our website.
Reservations for the winter season are now open.

For more information and to reserve your stay, visit or


The campground offers a great location and access to all of Manning Park Resort’s winter activities. Once ski season is open, there will be a daily shuttle that will take you from Skyview to the ski area and lodge area throughout the day.

The cross-country trail from the Nordic Center at Manning Park Resort goes right through the campground in the winter, taking cross-country skiers to the higher elevations. The proximity to Lightning Lake also offers great snowshoeing access. A shovel is recommended as it does snow!

As the name of the RV campground suggests, the location offers great views of the sky, with very limited surrounding lights. Bringing a camping chair is suggested for evening stargazing.

In summer, a large new playground has been built for kids, and hiking trails, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming at Lightning Lake are just a few steps away.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at Skyview RV Campground this winter!


Make Your Reservation at Skyview RV Campground!

❄️Cold Weather is on the way!❄️

Cold weather is on the way! An arctic outflow is forecast starting December 26 for approximately 4 days. Temperatures are expected to be -20 or below. It is important to dress warmly for the weather, and watch your exposed skin! Minimize exposed skin with hats, scarves and mittens or gloves. There is a risk of frostbite and hypothermia in cold weather, so be prepared.

The key to winter clothing is to dress in layers. This great resource from MEC outlines how to dress with a good base layer, mid layer, and an outer shell that protects you from the elements. One important note is to try to choose non-cotton fabrics, which get soaked easily and stay wet. Wool or fleece is great at wicking moisture and not getting saturated.

It’s important not to wait to layer up or layer down if you’re getting warm or cool. Staying warm and dry is a lot easier than trying to warm up or dry out.

Frostnip & Frostbite

There is a risk of frostnip and frostbite when you are outside and improperly dressed or with exposed skin. Watch your friends and family for early signs of it, and go indoors to warm up at the first signs of it. Here are some tips for preventing frostbite while skiing.

The symptoms of frostnip include: (Time to take a break and warm up!)

  • Skin that looks red
  • Skin that tingles or feels numb

The symptoms of frostbite include: (Consider seeking medical attention)

  • Skin that is red and then becomes white or grayish-yellow
  • Skin that burns, tingles, or is numb
  • Skin that feels hard and swollen
  • Blisters or sores on the skin (severe frostbite)

Stay warm during this chilly stretch! What better excuse do you need to grab a hot chocolate in the Daylodge, a Hot Apple Toddy in the Pinewoods Dining Room or a delicious boozy hot chocolate by the fire in the Bear’s Den? We also sell hats, mittens and scarves, as well as hand warmers, in the Alpine Guest Service building at the Ski Area, the Nordic Centre and the Country Store.

Safe Winter Driving Tips

Transportation Minister Rob Fleming recently announced the Coquihalla Highway will reopen for commercial vehicles, and the essential travel restrictions on Highway #3 will be lifted for the holidays, so we are able to welcome all visitors to Manning Park Resort starting December 22nd! 

With all the recent press about the highways in Southern BC, we definitely have a healthy respect for our mountain roads! It is important to respect the roads and drive carefully, however, we want you to feel confident to drive Highway #3.

If you’re driving, here are a few tips to ensure you get here safely from Click the links to read more.

  1. Prepare yourself for winter driving. (Including planning your route, leaving enough time, checking conditions, and learning winter road skills.)
  2. Prepare your vehicle for winter driving. (Including having winter tires, checking your fluids and wiper blades, packing an emergency kit)
  3. Drive for the conditions. (Maintain a safe following distance, slow down, accelerate and brake slowly, and do not pass unless safe and permitted to do so)

BC Highway #3 requires winter tires from October 1-March 31.

  • The letters “M” and “S”, the minimum legal requirement (mud + snow/all-season tires)
  • The 3-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol (some manufacturers label with both the mountain snowflake and the M+S symbol)

To learn more about winter tire requirements, see here.

Here’s another great way to safely drive the mountain roads – take the bus! Mountain Man Mike’s offers bus service weekly to Manning Park Resort.


We have an excellent highway crew that works tirelessly in all types of weather to ensure the roads stay safe for you and your family. This involves plowing the roads when it is snowing, or spreading salt or gravel.

If you encounter a road plow, keep your distance until the plow truck pulls over to allow you to pass. And never pass a snowplow on the inside! 

Once you arrive at Manning Park Resort, park the car and relax! We offer a free shuttle bus between the lodge and the ski area, with a stop at Strawberry Flats. The bus runs regularly throughout the day. Check the schedule here.

Want to learn more about winter driving? Visit and take the online quiz to test your winter driving knowledge!