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Cascade Lookout Now Open!

view of manning park resort and the cascade mountains from a lookout point

Thanks to the recent heat wave, the last of the snow has melted and the road to the Cascade Lookout is now open!

Located across the highway directly opposite from the resort, turn left at the first intersection and drive up to the lookout point to take in stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. The lookout is open 24/7, so while camping is not permitted, we encourage visiting at night for arguably the best stargazing in the park.

*The road to Dry Ridge (beyond the lookout) remains closed for another few weeks due to Bear Habitat conservation.

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  1. I see that the cascade lookout is open 24/7 but camping is not permitted. Would that mean I can park my car there throughout the night? I won’t be camping per say. Just parked overnight.

    • Hi Alex, you are not permitted to park your car overnight at the lookout point.

  2. Do you know when the road beyond the lookout would be open?

    • Hi Carl, the road is expected to open after the July 1 long weekend 🙂

  3. How are the meadows?

    • Hi Marilyn,

      The meadows will reach peak bloom in late July, Early August.

  4. When will cascade lookout close to the public ?

    • Hi Felix, we expect it to close in September when the first snow falls, but it is difficult to estimate an exact date at this time.

  5. Does cascade lookout open to the public during November?

    • Hi Felix, the Cascade Lookout closes in September before the first snow fall as it is unsafe for driving past that point.

  6. I want to go to the lookout the night of August 12th-23th to photograph the Perseids Meteor Shower overnight but, in a previous comment you mention that parking overnight is not permitted; yet it’s open 24/7 for stargazing? Are we expected to “walk/hike” our camera gear up to the lookout? I’m confused and would like to ask for some clarification on this. Was really looking forward to this but, if not allowed to drive up there…

    • Hi Mark, our apologies for the confusion. Camping overnight is not permitted (setting up tents, sleeping, setting up a stove, etc.), but the lookout road is open 24/7 for people to come and go anytime during the night to catch the stars!

  7. Awesome… thank you so much!

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view of manning park resort and the cascade mountains from a lookout point

Cascade Lookout Now Open!