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Welcome to the Manning Park Resort Blog where we share the latest news from the resort.

family of 4 standing at Cascade Lookout, a viewpoint overlooking the cascade mountain range

Tatone Family

Visiting one of our favourite spots, the Alpine Meadows.
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Nancy Kreisler

I grew up in Manning Park, for 2 weeks every summer. My brother and I loved fishing in Lightning Lake and we would compete for who caught the most fish
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Aaron Kostka Smith

For my wife and I, Manning Park has always been a cherished place deep inside our hearts. As children we both made family trips which often included camping, canoeing, skiing
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Alyssa Hajum

Dad and I went canoeing and it was a very windy day. I was maybe 10 years old and was not very strong. We were stuck going in circles!
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big family in the snow

Colleen Garner

Our growing family has rented two cabins the past 2 years. It’s a great time for all 15 of us to spend family time together. We’ve spent time at Lightning
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Elaine Unger

Dad was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour just a couple months before this was taken. Things we knew: the weather was beautiful and Dad loved fishing at Lightning Lake.
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a husband and wife with a dog

Michelle and Patrick Hillis

I have been coming to Manning Park my entire life, skiing in the winter, a stay at the lodge in the summer and as much camping in-between. My husband and
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family in a canoe

Michelle Hillis

  Manning Park is a fond memory of my childhood. Every year we came to Lightning Lake camping, we would do an annual ski trip at the lodge, and even
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family walking in the sub-alpine

Lily & Harvey Dalley

  In 1965, after graduation, Lily got a Summer job as a waitress at “Pinewoods Lodge” — which it was called back then. I took a job at the Esso
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Marieke Goldie

When my brother and I were kids my mom and dad would take us camping every summer for 2 weeks. These trips either started or ended with a few nights
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