Canada’s Night Sky & Top 10 Sky Events

Milkyway galaxy


The coldest time of the year is upon us, and the long nights that accompany the Winter Season are the best time to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of our stars and planets. Gaze up in wonder at a celestial show above, painted with twinkling stars against a canvas of dark night sky.



Wow! This beautiful #ManningParkDarkSky photo from @apixelguy

At the beginning of January, four planets will be visible in the evening sky: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. Mars will be particularly bright during this time, so be sure to catch it while you can!

Observe the slight variations in colour between ochre Mars and the yellow-orange Lucida of Taurus. The Red Planet’s disk spans about 14 arcseconds and is large and close enough to be viewed in detail through a telescope.

Interested in exploring the night sky?  You can rent a telescope at Manning Park and discover the wonders of the universe for yourself!


Watch our new stargazing video here.

 Take a trip to Manning Park and stay in BC Park’s fully serviced Skyview RV Campground. Named because the stargazing is SO great in this location!

62 Campsites are available in the Winter and 92 sites in the Summer. All campsites have hook-ups for water, power (50-amp) and sewer. Skyview Campground is near Lightning Lake, and has a heated shower building for your enjoyment.

At Manning Park, you can spend your days carving down the slopes, gliding across 60km’s of Nordic trails, snowshoeing the tranquil beauty of the Cascade Mountains and unwinding by your campfire while covered in a blanket of stars.

(Pro-Tip: Bring your camping chair to enjoy the cosmos from your campsite)




Enjoy the beauty of the star-filled night sky, while snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at Manning Park. These events offer a unique and magical experience, perfect for all ages and experience levels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and marvel at the celestial wonders above.

Private Snowshoe Tour + Chocolate Fondue:

  • 2-Hour Private Guided Tour followed by a Chocolate Fondue in our Bears Den Pub.
  • $65/per person (minimum 4 people)

Private Snowshoe Tour + Wine & Charcuterie Board:

  • 2-Hour Private Guided Tour followed by Wine & Charcuterie Board in our Bears Den Pub. $79/per person (minimum 4 people)

Private Snowshoe or Cross-Country Guide:

  • $60/Hour (2-Hour minimum requirement)

To reserve your Private Experience, please Email:



There are three major meteor showers, including the Perseids, arriving with the Moon mostly out of the way this year.

1- Venus, Saturn, & Crescent Moon at dusk

Date: January 23

Type: Conjunction

Time: Evening

View: Naked eye, binoculars

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If you’re wondering where to find the Big Dipper or have noticed a reddish dot above you and want to know more, a stargazing app can be a helpful tool. Simply download one to your phone and have access to a wealth of information about the celestial objects visible in the sky.

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The Ultimate Winter Road Trip Safety Guide

Winter road trips are great — you can travel to some thrilling locations and have a fantastic winter experience. You might indulge in winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, ice skating, and curling. Perhaps you enjoy cozy winter holidays in snowy mountain cabins. Winter conditions are hazardous, so you need to be prepared to deal with anything that can go wrong. Snow and ice make it harder for you to slow your car down. Your car may lose traction on hills, or while starting from a complete stop. You’ll want to know what to do in the worst-case scenario and have the materials to help when needed. Winter conditions are livable if you’re a patient driver and prepared for the worst. You can have a safe, joyous trip by knowing the best practices for driving through the snow.

Trucking companies take steps to prevent accidents, whether that be making sure truck drivers have proper safety information, pre-hiring training and tests, and rewarding drivers for safe driving.

Prepare your car for a winter road trip

Tires are an essential factor for a safe winter road trip. Ideally, you’ll have snow or all-season tires with a rating for mud and snow. The cold weather lowers air pressure in tires, so check and fill your tires if needed. Once your tires are winter-ready, you can outfit your car with supplies.

Winter driving and car safety are about preparedness. You’ll often use your windshield wiper fluid, so check that your tank is full, and keep an extra container on hand. Good sunglasses are also a game-changer to handle glares from the sun reflecting off the snow. Ensure your phone is charged, and keep it plugged in during the drive. Gloves and ice scrapers are helpful too.

It’s good to be prepared for the worst before you leave for your winter road trip. Have a large, thick blanket in the trunk and some emergency snacks. If you’re spinning your wheels on a slippery section, sand or kitty litter can provide traction to get you going. Finally, an emergency car kit that contains flairs, a flashlight, jumper cables, and other valuable items is wise to have on hand.


What to do before the trip

Before you leave, get an oil change, and ask them to ensure the car is ready for a winter road trip. The technicians will ensure all your fluids are topped off — including your antifreeze (which your car needs in the cold), windshield wiper fluid, and oil. They’ll check the tire pressure and will install winter windshield wipers if you need them. It’s always a good idea to have a paper map if the GPS fails. If the forecast predicts a blizzard, consider an alternative route, or travel on a different day.

How to drive on snow roads and ice

It’s vital to maximize your visibility in winter conditions. Scrape all the ice from your windows and the windshield. Brush all the snow from your car, including the sides and the back. Snow blows away in the wind, and the last thing you want is to suddenly have your vision impaired due to snow from your car.

There may be times you have to brake in slippery conditions. If you have ABS (traction control), push hard on the brake and leave it suppressed until the car fully stops. The ABS may make noise or cause the vehicle to vibrate, but it’s working to help you. If you don’t have ABS, pump the brakes so your vehicle continues to slow as it moves straight.

If you’re fully stopped and struggling to move, tap the gas repeatedly to get a rocking motion going. This method gives you momentum to help push you forward. Traction control can work against you if you’re struggling to get moving. Turn it off, and you should find it more manageable. Be sure to keep your tank over half full for the entire drive. The half a tank is a contingency if you need to pull over so you don’t lose access to heat.

On the road

The best thing you can do in the snow is drive slowly. Your vehicle will struggle to brake, and you may need extra clearance to avoid hitting the car in front of you. It’s best to give the car ahead a lot of distance. It’s also wise to stay in your lane and only pass if you’re sure it’s safe. Winter driving is a hazard, but if you give yourself lots of time to arrive at your destination, you’ll maximize your chances of an uneventful drive.

If conditions are bad, it’s best to pull over rather than risk an accident. Avoid pulling over on the side of the highway if possible, as lanes can be challenging to see in snowy conditions. Oncoming traffic may not realize you’re unmoving on the side of the road.

Bridges and tunnels are likely to form black ice. Black ice is a term for ice that blends into the street. Do not slam the brakes if you see a black ice patch and the car loses control. Take your foot off the gas so the car slows, and tap the brakes in short pumps.

Keep your wheel pointed in the direction you want the car to go.

If you’re on a hill, try not to stop for any reason. You may slide backward, and climbing the hill from a complete stop will be challenging. Avoid aggressively accelerating up the incline, which can cause your tires to spin. Take it slow and steady. When the temperature is below freezing, it’s best to take the road slower than usual. The faster you drive, the harder it is to stop (especially in bad conditions).

Winter driving is all about maintaining control.

Ideally, you can avoid driving in a snowstorm altogether. If you are in one, avoid using the high-beam lights. While this seems counter-intuitive, the snowfall reflects the light and mitigates the efficacy of the high beams. Stick with low beams in heavy snow if you drive in heavy snowfall. In any winter conditions, avoid using cruise control.

How to make the road trip more comfortable

You’ll want to be relaxed and alert for your winter drive. Your comfort is a crucial component, so you can’t afford to focus on discomfort when driving in bad conditions. Choose a comfortable temperature for the vehicle, and keep your windows defrosted. You should also wear your jacket while driving. If you get in an accident, and the heat stops working, you’ll be glad you did.

Have a great playlist ready for your drive, and don’t fiddle with it once your trip begins. If you like snacks, set them up in advance so you can reach them without taking your eyes off the road. The same suggestion applies to coffee or water.

car safety

Winter driving can lead to some enjoyable adventures. Winter conditions aren’t ideal, but if you take your time and go into the drive well-prepared, you’ll have an excellent trip. If winter driving makes you nervous, try finding a large empty parking lot, and practice losing control where you won’t hit anyone. Winter roads can be dangerous but can also lead to beautiful locations. By following the best practices, you’ll arrive safely and be glad you made the trip.

Epic Snow Dump + Winter Camping + Freshly Paved Highway 3

We just received a fresh dump of snow, and now have over 30cm’s up top (see picture above). We are gearing up and excited for our best season ever, and can’t wait to see you on the hill!
  • Highway 3 has been repaved and had extensive improvements. It will be a smooth and safe drive out for all of our guests.
  • The Gibson’s Pass Road has now been paved from Highway 3 all the way up to the ski hill.
  • Our Alpine T-Bar has been repaired and is back in operation.
  • We have also done repairs on our Alpine slope and water system.
  • Lobby upgrades in the works!
Look no further for your ticket to Fresh Powder and Winter Adventures. At Manning Park, you can carve your way down the slopes, glide across 60km’s of Nordic trails, snowshoe the majestic and tranquil beauty of the Cascade Mountains, or soak in a hot tub and wind down for the evening at our Rustic Retreat. Your Adventure Starts Here…

We are your Winter Camping Destination, offering 60 full service winterized sites at:
Skyview Campground
An authentic Canadian Outdoor Experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and the magic winter brings. Skyview campground is connected to the Manning Park trail network, offering you all the facilities you need for an unforgettable stay.




Manning Park Resort x Indy Pass

119 Resorts | Two Days at Each Resort | $329

Now in its 4th year, we are thrilled to be part of the @Indyskipass as it heads into its BIGGEST winter season yet. Offering 2 days of skiing per location, at more than 100+ independent resorts and counting. We are proud to be a part of something that aligns with our roots.

The best part is, our pass holders will get exclusive access to the AddOn Indy pass for nearly 30% off. Uncover the joy of skiing and riding at an independent ski resort and join the Indy Revolution today.

Follow the #IndyRevolution on Facebook and Instagram @Indyskipass
Reservations are not required at Manning Park Resort for Indy Pass users.

To buy Indy add-on pass click here


Indy Pass now offers a network of top cross-country resorts from across North America. All Indy Pass holders will receive two trail passes at each resort in addition to their 2 days at downhill resorts.

Indy Pass developed the program in partnership with the Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CCSAA) and will donate 10% of pass sales to the non-profit group.

To buy Indy XC pass click here

2022/23 Season Passes on Sale!

Purchase a season pass, and ski for free for the remainder of the spring season, starting March 1st!

It’s that time of year again – season passes are on sale March 1st. 

Can’t wait for next season to come around? New 2022/23 season passholders can ski March 1st until the end of this season. Buy early to get the most out of your pass! 

NOTE: We’ve changed our season pass sales from time-sensitive rates to new tiered capacity-based rates. Quantities are limited. Once a tier is sold out, prices go up to the next tier. Get your season pass early to secure the best price.

Nordic season passes now include snowshoe access at no additional cost. Alpine passholders have the option to upgrade with a Nordic add-on for an additional $79, which includes full access to all Nordic trails, including snowshoeing. 

All season passes are non-refundable, except if Manning Park Refundable Season Pass Option is purchased. See Alpine & Nordic Season Pass FAQ webpage for more details.

Reciprocal deals for the 2022/23 season will be available next winter.

RV passes are no longer available. Check Skyview RV Campground for daily, weekly, and monthly rates


Purchase Alpine Season Pass


Purchase Nordic Season Pass


We open on December 22, 2021!

With yesterday’s announcement of the re-opening of HWY #3 for non-essential travel next week, we are super stoked to announce that we will be opening with full operations on December 22, 2021! We are so excited to be able to welcome you all back for the holidays, and for what’s going to be another incredible winter season. There is so much fresh snow waiting for you! ❄️

We can’t thank the hardworking highway and transportation teams enough for making this possible.


Alpine & Nordic Lift Tickets, Rentals & Lessons Now On Sale

Buy online early & save! Purchase your tickets, rentals and lessons online, in advance, for the best deal and to secure your spot.

If you have any trouble with the purchasing process or have additional questions regarding the booking platform, please contacting us

Buy Tickets, Rentals, & Lessons


Operational Updates

Polar Coaster Tube Park: The Tube Park at the Alpine Ski Area may not be open for the start of the season. We will update you as soon as we have an estimated opening date.

Skating Rink: The skating rink will not be open for the start of the season. As it is a natural ice rink, it requires a bit more time to harden and form the necessary amount of ice.

Tobogganing Hill: There will be one tobogganing hill available to enjoy this year, in between cabins 28 & 29 in the Lodge Area. Tobogganing is no longer available next to the Nordic Centre.

Hours of Operation: Hours of operation will change and be extended for the upcoming season, stay up to date by visiting our Hours of Operation Page.

Flooding Damages: Due to damages sustained during flooding events, the T-Bar will be unavailable until further notice, and select Nordic trails will be unavailable for use until they are repaired. Exact trail details will be available next week as we work to repair as much as we can.

New Poland Lake & Backcountry Access Trail: New this season, is a brand new Poland Lake & Backcountry Access Trail, starting from Strawberry Flats. Please follow the pink signs and flagging tape to follow this new trail.
We’ll see you soon!

Winter Operations Update

The anticipated opening date for Alpine is December 11th, 2021 (Update: Now Dec. 22). Of course, if we are looking good for snow conditions earlier than this, we will let you know about any early openings. Be sure to put in a good word with the snow fairies for us!

We are looking forward to a great, and safe, winter. With that in mind, we have finalized our winter operations safety plans.

For full details of our winter operations, click here: 2021-22 Winter Operations Plan
We can’t wait to welcome you and your family back to winter at Manning Park Resort!


Thank You For An Incredible Winter Season

manning park resort buildings covered in snow

manning park resort buildings covered in snow

WOW! What an amazing winter we have all had.

It has been a bit of a roller coaster for us all as we wind down our 2020/21 winter operations. We went from wondering how, or even if we could offer our winter activities and services during these COVID times, to successfully opening for our long-time supporters and introducing thousands of people to their first-ever Nordic or Alpine winter experience. These first-timers now know what we have all known for a long time. We have a little piece of heaven here at Manning Park Resort (It also didn’t hurt to have great snow conditions and many great POW days!!).

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who visited us this past winter for their support and understanding of all the adjustments required to operate within this COVID environment. Despite the number of changes and revised protocols, it has been very rewarding to see all your smiling faces and work together to overcome these challenges to enjoy our favourite winter past times.

To those individuals who took the winter off from their winter pursuits to remain in the security of their “family bubbles”, we missed you and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

We now look forward to a period of upgrades and renovations. Presently, our Standard Cabins and Pinewoods Kitchen are getting a make-over. We hope to have these renovations completed by the May long weekend. Our Loon Lagoon facility is also undergoing some mechanical upgrades and we look forward to reopening this building shortly. Planning has also begun for fall renovations on our Chalets which will be completed by the Christmas holiday season. We also have an aggressive plan to work on the trail systems of both our Alpine and Nordic operations during the off-season. More on these plans to follow.

Again, we thank you for your support and trust in allowing us to provide you and your loved ones with a safe and memorable winter experience. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Vern Schram

General Manager

Too Much Snow? A good problem to have!

Manning Park Resort opened the downhill ski area for the winter season this
Saturday, December 21st, amid an incredible snowstorm that dumped nearly 150cm of
snow in a 48-hour period.

The forecasted snowstorm started Thursday night and dropped 87cm of snow by Friday
afternoon. A further 50cm fell on Friday night, which made skiers incredibly excited for the
Saturday morning opening, which was also the Grand Opening of the Bear Chair,
Manning’s new quad chairlift.

The heavy snow caused highway closures, which affected the ability to get to the ski area
for many who were itching to get on their skis. However guests who were already at the
resort were treated to the opening turns of the season and the opening of the new quad

In addition to the Bear Chair, there are major changes at the resort this winter, including a
brand new Alpine Guest Services at the ski area for tickets, lessons and rentals, and an
additional eight premium cabins, which have just been completed.

General manager, Vern Schram, acknowledged all the work put in by Manning Park Resort
staff to stay on top of the incredible amount of snowfall, as well as all the highway crews
that worked to keep the highways safe.

He says, “A huge thank you to everyone for all their help! There were long hours put in by a
lot of people and there’s still more to do. You are all rock stars!”

With this being one of the biggest snowstorms in memory, the ski area is now open 7 days
a week for the season, and snow coverage is looking good! “Although we said to do some
snow dances to make it snow,” Schram says, “We did not expect to get our entire snow
base in a two-day period!”

Grand Opening of the Bear Chair & Ski Area Opening!

This is what we have all been waiting for!
With a big snowstorm in the forecast this week, we are scheduling the opening of the Manning Park Resort ski area for this Saturday, December 21st.

This will be the Grand Opening of our brand new quad chairlift – the Bear Chair. 

Join us for a ceremony at 8:40am to officially open the new Bear Chair, and the start of the winter season. Meet at the bottom of the Bear Chair.

Refreshments will be served near the new Alpine Guest Services building from 8am; have your gear ready to go and catch one of the first chairs up!
Season passes will also be available for pick up in the new Alpine Guest Services building.


With conditions looking favourable, we are hoping to open the Bear Chair, as well as the Blue Chair, Handle Tow and T-bar for this weekend. (Not all terrain is expected to be open) The Polar Coaster is not yet open.

The ski area will open 7 days a week starting December 21st. We will post operations on our new website on our Weather, Webcams & Trail Status page.

The Nordic trails will also be groomed on our upper trails around Strawberry Flats. We will open up as much as we are able to. The Nordic Centre will open 7 days a week starting December 21st for cross-country tickets lessons and rentals, as well as snowshoe tickets and rentals.

We’ve got great holiday events coming up too that you can check out and register for on our website.

Let’s get started with this epic winter! See you this weekend!