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Get your Nordic Skiing Trail Passes at Manning Park

At Manning Park, Nordic skiers are invited to explore over 60km of classic and skate ski groomed trails, and 160km of backcountry trails. This is cross-country skiing at its finest—in forests and valleys, with a scenic mountain backdrop.

Use of groomed trails requires a trail pass, which must be visible at all times. Backcountry trails do not require a ticket. 

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Trail ticket prices

Evening tickets available! Click here for all trail ticket options.

ADULT (19+) $22.00
YOUTH (13-18) $17.00
JUNIOR (7-12) $12.00
SENIOR (65-74) $19.00
SUPER SENIOR (75+) $12.00
Plus applicable taxes.

Trail ticket prices

Evening tickets can be purchased from the resort only. Click here for all trail ticket options.

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Plus applicable taxes

Nordic Trails Important Information

  • Use of groomed trails requires a ticket – Tickets must be visible at all times on the trail. Backcountry trails do not require a ticket.
  • Please do not walk or snowshoe on groomed trails – See Nordic Staff for information on designated snowshoe and walking trails.
  • If travel is absolutely necessary on the trails please walk to the extreme right or left of the track, and not down the centre.
  • Dogs are not permitted on groomed ski trails – The only exception to this rule is Beaver Pond Multi-Use Trail. Pets are permitted on snowshoe and backcountry trails. Please ensure that dogs are leashed at all times.
  • Always check posted trail conditions.
  • Ski in the indicated direction and obey all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails.
  • Always ski to the right when meeting on-coming skiers and when skiing on a double track.
  • Yield the track to faster skiers and skiers calling “track”.
  • Ski in control. On two-way trails descending skiers have the right-of-way.
  • Do not litter. Please take out what you pack in and respect all property.
  • Report all incidents.
  • Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible to others. Move off the track quickly if you fall or during rest stops.

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