You Can’t Miss Autumn at Manning Park

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing, the larches up on Mount Frosty are turning their golden hue, and the stars are shining bright in the autumn sky.

Many people are taking the annual fall pilgrimage up Mt. Frosty to see the golden larches. This 22km high alpine trail offers stunning mountain views and a larch forest. The trees are now in full ‘golden bloom’ and it is prime time to hike up the mountain.  At the end of September to mid-October, the 2000+-year-old larch trees on Mount Frosty turn to gold before their needles fall off for the season. It is a stunning experience! Share your golden larch tree photos on Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #ManningParkLarches!

The Mount Frosty trail is the only place to view these unique larch trees, but there are other opportunities to see the autumn colours in Manning Park. 

There are great colours in Sumallo Grove along Highway #3, just east of Sunshine Valley, and the Cascade Lookout provides a great overview of the autumn colours around Manning Park Resort. For some longer hikes, try checking out the Lightning Lake trail or Skyline to view some of the great colours.

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When you are planning your outdoor adventures this fall, it’s important to be prepared. Autumn can be a great time to explore, but if you’re heading to high alpine environments remember that conditions can change rapidly. Learn how to “get informed and go outdoors” from AdventureSmart.
Happy hiking!

Golden Larches on Mount Frosty


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Helllloooo larches! Yes, they have started to change colour! The next few weeks is the prime time to hike Mt. Frosty!

What are larch trees? They are one of the only coniferous, deciduous trees. This means the needles on this tree change colour seasonally and fall off. At the end of September to early October, the 2000+ year-old larch trees on Mt Frosty turn electric yellow and are truly a sight to behold!

Share your golden larch tree photos on Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #ManningParkLarches & #MtFrosty

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(September 24, 2018)