Epic Snow Dump + Winter Camping + Freshly Paved Highway 3

We just received a fresh dump of snow, and now have over 30cm’s up top (see picture above). We are gearing up and excited for our best season ever, and can’t wait to see you on the hill!
  • Highway 3 has been repaved and had extensive improvements. It will be a smooth and safe drive out for all of our guests.
  • The Gibson’s Pass Road has now been paved from Highway 3 all the way up to the ski hill.
  • Our Alpine T-Bar has been repaired and is back in operation.
  • We have also done repairs on our Alpine slope and water system.
  • Lobby upgrades in the works!
Look no further for your ticket to Fresh Powder and Winter Adventures. At Manning Park, you can carve your way down the slopes, glide across 60km’s of Nordic trails, snowshoe the majestic and tranquil beauty of the Cascade Mountains, or soak in a hot tub and wind down for the evening at our Rustic Retreat. Your Adventure Starts Here…

We are your Winter Camping Destination, offering 60 full service winterized sites at:
Skyview Campground
An authentic Canadian Outdoor Experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and the magic winter brings. Skyview campground is connected to the Manning Park trail network, offering you all the facilities you need for an unforgettable stay.




Manning Park Resort x Indy Pass

119 Resorts | Two Days at Each Resort | $329

Now in its 4th year, we are thrilled to be part of the @Indyskipass as it heads into its BIGGEST winter season yet. Offering 2 days of skiing per location, at more than 100+ independent resorts and counting. We are proud to be a part of something that aligns with our roots.

The best part is, our pass holders will get exclusive access to the AddOn Indy pass for nearly 30% off. Uncover the joy of skiing and riding at an independent ski resort and join the Indy Revolution today.

Follow the #IndyRevolution on Facebook and Instagram @Indyskipass
Reservations are not required at Manning Park Resort for Indy Pass users.

To buy Indy add-on pass click here


Indy Pass now offers a network of top cross-country resorts from across North America. All Indy Pass holders will receive two trail passes at each resort in addition to their 2 days at downhill resorts.

Indy Pass developed the program in partnership with the Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CCSAA) and will donate 10% of pass sales to the non-profit group.

To buy Indy XC pass click here

Show us Your Manning Park Family – Video Contest

Show us your Manning Park Family this winter! Whether it’s your family by blood or your chosen family, we want to see your best winter experiences at Manning Park Resort. Show us in a 1–3-minute video, and you can be entered to win…

A 2022/23 Season Pass for your Family!

VIDEO CONTEST: Video footage should be of your family enjoying winter activities at Manning Park Resort. Show us what you love to do best here! Is it hitting up the terrain park with your buds? Playing board games by the fire in the cabin? Polar Coaster tube races? Cross-country ski up to the Cascade Lookout? Show us in a 1 to 3-minute video.

Be creative and have fun! We’d love to see some unique aspects of your Manning Park winter experience that we might not typically see.

PRIZE: A 2022/23 Family Season Pass (valued at $1899!)
Valid for 2 adults and up to 4 children (under 18 years) who live at the same address
*If a family pass is not required, winner can redeem up to 3 adult season passes.

CONTEST DEADLINE: February 28th, 2022

This contest is now closed.


Video requirements:
1080 preferred
Landscape, not portrait (required)

This is an amateur contest! While we don’t expect you to have professional video quality, here are a few tips to get the best quality footage you can:

  • Record in landscape mode (horizontal with your phone, not vertical.
  • Avoid shaky footage.
  • Have clear audio (if applicable)
  • Keep your editing simple.
  • Have fun!

The videos must be a minimum of 1 minute long, a maximum of 3-minutes.


  • Submissions are accepted by DropBox video upload or via YouTube on your personal channel.
  • To complete your submission, you will need to fill in this GoogleDoc form, providing your details and express permission for us to share your video through our channels.
  • Multiple entries are permitted


  • An adult (19+) must submit the video, and any children who appear in the video must have consent provided by their parent.
  • All mountain rules must be followed. (All laws for that matter!)
  • Drone footage is not permitted as drones are required to have a permit to fly in BC Parks.
  • Helmet use is recommended when doing Alpine activities.
  • Only current footage within Manning Park Resort will be considered. (As much as we love it, no Orange Chair, sorry!)
  • You must have full authority to enter this video into this contest and the video is original and owned by you.


  • Winner will be chosen by a panel at Manning Park Resort at our discretion.
  • Prizes will be awarded upon winner verification.
  • The winner will be notified by email in early March.
  • If a family pass is not required, winner can redeem up to 3 adult season passes.
  • No transfer of prize to a third party is permitted. No cash value.

Skyview RV Campground Is Now Open

BC Parks has just announced that Skyview RV Campground is now open. 

This new BC Parks RV Campground is located on Gibson Pass Road in Manning Park Resort 4 km off Hwy #3. This year-round RV Campground is next to the Lightning Lake Day Use Area. With over 90 sites in the summer and 60 sites in the winter, this year-round location is sure to be an immediate favourite with all visitors of E.C Manning Park.

The RV Campground features large pull-through and back-in sites. All winter sites offer full services with 50-amp power, water, and sewer. The 32 summer use sites have 30-amp power, water and sewer. A large, bright modern washhouse is available year-round.

Rates and Reservations

There are nightly sites, weekly sites, and long-stay monthly sites available. Rates can be found on our website.
Reservations for the winter season are now open.

For more information and to reserve your stay, visit https://www.manningpark.com/skyview/ or www.bcparks.ca.


The campground offers a great location and access to all of Manning Park Resort’s winter activities. Once ski season is open, there will be a daily shuttle that will take you from Skyview to the ski area and lodge area throughout the day.

The cross-country trail from the Nordic Center at Manning Park Resort goes right through the campground in the winter, taking cross-country skiers to the higher elevations. The proximity to Lightning Lake also offers great snowshoeing access. A shovel is recommended as it does snow!

As the name of the RV campground suggests, the location offers great views of the sky, with very limited surrounding lights. Bringing a camping chair is suggested for evening stargazing.

In summer, a large new playground has been built for kids, and hiking trails, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming at Lightning Lake are just a few steps away.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at Skyview RV Campground this winter!


Make Your Reservation at Skyview RV Campground!

❄️Cold Weather is on the way!❄️

Cold weather is on the way! An arctic outflow is forecast starting December 26 for approximately 4 days. Temperatures are expected to be -20 or below. It is important to dress warmly for the weather, and watch your exposed skin! Minimize exposed skin with hats, scarves and mittens or gloves. There is a risk of frostbite and hypothermia in cold weather, so be prepared.

The key to winter clothing is to dress in layers. This great resource from MEC outlines how to dress with a good base layer, mid layer, and an outer shell that protects you from the elements. One important note is to try to choose non-cotton fabrics, which get soaked easily and stay wet. Wool or fleece is great at wicking moisture and not getting saturated.

It’s important not to wait to layer up or layer down if you’re getting warm or cool. Staying warm and dry is a lot easier than trying to warm up or dry out.

Frostnip & Frostbite

There is a risk of frostnip and frostbite when you are outside and improperly dressed or with exposed skin. Watch your friends and family for early signs of it, and go indoors to warm up at the first signs of it. Here are some tips for preventing frostbite while skiing.

The symptoms of frostnip include: (Time to take a break and warm up!)

  • Skin that looks red
  • Skin that tingles or feels numb

The symptoms of frostbite include: (Consider seeking medical attention)

  • Skin that is red and then becomes white or grayish-yellow
  • Skin that burns, tingles, or is numb
  • Skin that feels hard and swollen
  • Blisters or sores on the skin (severe frostbite)

Stay warm during this chilly stretch! What better excuse do you need to grab a hot chocolate in the Daylodge, a Hot Apple Toddy in the Pinewoods Dining Room or a delicious boozy hot chocolate by the fire in the Bear’s Den? We also sell hats, mittens and scarves, as well as hand warmers, in the Alpine Guest Service building at the Ski Area, the Nordic Centre and the Country Store.

You Can’t Miss Autumn at Manning Park

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing, the larches up on Mount Frosty are turning their golden hue, and the stars are shining bright in the autumn sky.

Many people are taking the annual fall pilgrimage up Mt. Frosty to see the golden larches. This 22km high alpine trail offers stunning mountain views and a larch forest. The trees are now in full ‘golden bloom’ and it is prime time to hike up the mountain.  At the end of September to mid-October, the 2000+-year-old larch trees on Mount Frosty turn to gold before their needles fall off for the season. It is a stunning experience! Share your golden larch tree photos on Facebook & Instagram with the hashtag #ManningParkLarches!

The Mount Frosty trail is the only place to view these unique larch trees, but there are other opportunities to see the autumn colours in Manning Park. 

There are great colours in Sumallo Grove along Highway #3, just east of Sunshine Valley, and the Cascade Lookout provides a great overview of the autumn colours around Manning Park Resort. For some longer hikes, try checking out the Lightning Lake trail or Skyline to view some of the great colours.

Sneak away to discover the fall colours of Manning Park! Make it an extra special getaway with a B&B or a Romance package. Learn more about our Fall Deals & Offers.
When you are planning your outdoor adventures this fall, it’s important to be prepared. Autumn can be a great time to explore, but if you’re heading to high alpine environments remember that conditions can change rapidly. Learn how to “get informed and go outdoors” from AdventureSmart.
Happy hiking!

Where did the Columbian Ground Squirrels Go?

Columbian Ground Squirrel

Columbian Ground Squirrel

You will notice on your next trip to Manning Park that as you set up your picnic at Lightning Lake, there are very few ground squirrels popping out of their burrows to see what’s for lunch.

But where did they go?

They have bulked up and gone down into their burrows to hibernate!

The Columbian Ground Squirrel spends only a few months above ground, emerging from its burrow in early spring to reproduce and indulge in all the delicious berries, seeds, roots, leaves, and grasses Manning Park has to offer before retreating to hibernate in mid-late-August. These squirrels live in fairly large colonies, and during spring and summer nights they retreat into elaborately constructed burrows to sleep, hide from predators, and give birth to their young.

Females actually enter hibernation later than males, because depending on when they have babies, the females have to first wean their litters before they can bulk up and gain the weight necessary to hibernate. So, females giving birth late in the season are among the last to enter hibernation.

When it’s time to hibernate, the ground squirrels construct a hibernaculum: a safe place to sleep throughout winter. A ground squirrel’s hibernaculum is built in burrows below the frost line, lined with a nest of finely shredded grass, and closed off with dirt at the entrance. During hibernation, a ground squirrel’s heart rate decreases and its temperature drops significantly as it waits for the colder months to pass by.

See you in the new year, Columbian Ground Squirrel!


  • https://animaldiversity.org/accounts/Spermophilus_columbianus/
  • https://academic.oup.com/jmammal/article/81/2/571/2373077
  • https://owlcation.com/stem/The-Columbian-Ground-Squirrel-in-Manning-Park-British-Columbia

Manning Park Resort has officially resumed operations!

Manning Park Resort has officially resumed operations! The Resort, as well as many of the Provincial campgrounds are ready to welcome guests back, with increased precautions, cleaning and protocols surrounding COVID-19.

The Resort’s accommodations with its newest Premium cabins, lodge rooms, Standard cabins and chalets are open for reservations. Food service is available at the Pinewoods Dining Room and the outdoor patio for dine-in and take-out; as well as the Country Store.

Open for Family Getaways

“We think our guests are going to be really excited to get out and explore their local area this spring and summer,” says General Manager, Vern Schram, “Manning Park Resort offers a great opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air while staying comfortably either in the Resort or camping. Our cabin facilities are perfect for a family getaway, and we have a lot more availability for this summer, as most of our group and wedding reservations have postponed their events into the future.”

To comply with stringent housekeeping processes, some availability in the Resort is altered, and the Loon Lagoon Pool and Last Resort group facility are not open. We are hoping to resume operations in the Bear’s Den July 1.
“We hope that guests will see the increased precautions for COVID-19 in place and feel confident that we’re making our guest and staff safety our priority,” says Schram.

Provincial Park is Open

The trails are open for hiking and mountain biking and the boathouse has opened seven days a week for canoe, kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals. With over 300km of hiking trails, it’s easy to stay naturally socially distant, while finding space to connect with your family. More trail information can be found at the Visitor Centre which is open weekends in June.

Interpretive programs are scheduled to go ahead as planned, with some minor changes to group size and schedule. These free programs that introduce people of all ages to the flora and fauna in the park, will begin in July.

The EC Manning Provincial campgrounds are starting to open in the park, with Coldspring and Mule Deer campgrounds open for reservations, and for first come, first serve walk-ins. Lightning Lake and the first loop of Hampton campgrounds are scheduled to open later this month. Parts of Hampton will remain closed for the foreseeable future due to an excessive amount of hazard trees.

Manning Park Resort to reopen Accommodations June 4th!

We are excited to announce that with the recent opening of the campgrounds, Manning Park Resort will also be opening resort accommodations starting June 4th. 

Select cabins and lodge rooms will be available for reservations through our website and by phone. Existing reservations will also be honoured, as we are able. If you have a booking for the Last Resort, we ask that you contact us directly to discuss your reservation.

To comply with stringent sanitation processes in our housekeeping, we will be altering some availability, which may result in some accommodation types not available for specific nights. We will endeavour to provide as much availability as we are able. 

For any questions about reservations or to make a reservation, visit our booking website or call 1-604-668-5922 to leave a message. The Front Desk will be checking messages, and will open 24 hours a day starting June 4th at 12pm. 

The Boathouse will open daily from 10am-4pm starting May 29th for canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboard and rowboat rentals. 

Starting June 5th, the Pinewoods Dining Room will also open for dine-in orders as well as take-out. The Country Store is now open 7 days a week.

The Visitor Centre will open Friday-Sundays starting June 5th. 

The Bear’s Den Pub, Bistro, Games Room and the Loon Lagoon Pool Facility will remain closed at this time.

Please see our current Hours of Operation for all hours.

COVID-19 Precautions

We take our responsibility very seriously to provide a safe environment for you and your family to visit Manning Park, and are taking extra precautions to prevent COVID-19 transmission in every area of our business.

For the Pinewoods Dining Room, guests will be spaced throughout the dining room to allow for appropriate social distancing from other tables. We ask that you only dine with your family group, and groups will be limited to these sizes. Our Pinewoods capacity will be decreased due to these measures, however, we hope to expand our dining areas to include the Cascade Room or Alpine Room for ample space as necessary.

For any contact with guests, we have installed plexiglass barriers or provided appropriate personal protective equipment for our staff. Regular sanitation measures of any touch areas will be in place.

While we will accept all our regular forms of payment, we would encourage as much as possible the use of debit or credit cards to limit the handling of cash. Camping fees will still be payable by cash, with increased precautionary measures.

As always, if you are sick, please refrain from visiting Manning Park and help us keep it a safe place to visit.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Manning Park Resort, and we are confident with our increased measures to keep our staff and guests safe. If you have any questions, or would like more clarification regarding our increased procedures in regards to COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Campground Information

Coldspring and Mule Deer campgrounds will open June 1st for overnight camping.

Lightning Lake campground will remain closed due to snow for now, but will open as soon as possible (Reservations are not open until an opening date can be set; updates will be posted on this website: http://bcparks.ca/explore/parkpgs/ecmanning/).

Hampton is currently closed for the foreseeable future. This is due to a large amount of hazard trees that need to be removed first. Our parks team is working with BC Parks for a solution, but we don’t have a date yet for this.

All campground reservations must go through Discover Camping. 

Regrettably, it is our understanding the group campsites of Lone Duck will not be permitted to open this summer. If you have a group reservation, please contact Discover Camping or call 1-800-689-9025 to discuss your refund options.

There is increased signage in the park to remind you to practice safe social distancing from other groups. Please adhere to all provincial and federal guidelines.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Manning Park Resort! We encourage you to come explore Manning Park, where there are hundreds of kilometres of trails open that provide excellent ways to stay naturally socially distanced!

Book Manning Park Resort accommodation now

Book Campgrounds

Presenting… The Bear Chair!

Last month, we put the vote to you to name the new quad chair from our top 4 choices, and you have answered!

Thank you to the nearly 1500 people who voted to give the New Quad Chair its name – Presenting… 

The Bear Chair!

Congratulations to Pam Lamoureux, one of our long-time Manning locals, for being the first to submit the winning name! She has won a season pass and will be on the first chair ride up on our anticipated opening day of December 7th.

This fun and family-friendly name is a fitting one for the new chairlift, which allows you and your family to ride up 4 to a chair. It is now ready to go to take skiers and boarders up the mountain!

The Bear Chair also matches with the new brand for Manning Park Resort. We dropped a sneak peak last month of the new look and logo that we will be moving forward with this winter, along with a new website coming in time for the ski season.

Watch for it at the upcoming Abbotsford Winter Extreme on November 16-17th.
We’ll also be doing a

Season Pass Show Special:

If you missed the October 31st deadline for the Early Bird season pass rate, we’ve got one last chance to get it at the Early Bird rate at the Abbotsford Winter Extreme Ski & Board Swap this November 16-17th at the Abbotsford Exhibition Park.
Get it at the show in person or online!
*Please note this offer does not include a season pass coupon book.

We will also have all printed season passes ready for pick-up at this show. Please stop by our booth to say hi, sign your waiver, and pick up your pass!


November in Manning Park

There’s lots happening as we prepare for the winter season. While we are working on the new Alpine Guest Services building for the ski area, and the new premium cabins, you can still catch some beautiful autumn hiking weather, stargazing or a cozy fire at the Resort this November.

We hosted two great #ManningParkDarkSky Astronomy Weekends in October, and we’re still looking upwards for clear skies this fall, with our Dark Sky Discount! Sign up to our Dark Sky Mailing List to learn how you can save 25% on accommodation from now until December 5th. 

The BC Parks trail report provides some information about the trail conditions in the park. Although the Manning Park larches have now dropped their golden needles, there are some beautiful hikes to go on! Be prepared to encounter snow on the higher elevation trails.

We are anticipating snow this month, with an expected opening date for the Nordic trails for November 30th-December 1st. Snowshoes will be available from the Front Desk when the snow flies.

The Ski Area opening weekend is expected for December 7-8th, so be sure to put it on the calendar to join us for the Grand Opening of the Bear Chair.
See the list of all our Winter Events here.

Are you excited yet? We are too!
Your adventure starts here at Manning Park Resort.