Epic Snow Dump + Winter Camping + Freshly Paved Highway 3

We just received a fresh dump of snow, and now have over 30cm’s up top (see picture above). We are gearing up and excited for our best season ever, and can’t wait to see you on the hill!
  • Highway 3 has been repaved and had extensive improvements. It will be a smooth and safe drive out for all of our guests.
  • The Gibson’s Pass Road has now been paved from Highway 3 all the way up to the ski hill.
  • Our Alpine T-Bar has been repaired and is back in operation.
  • We have also done repairs on our Alpine slope and water system.
  • Lobby upgrades in the works!
Look no further for your ticket to Fresh Powder and Winter Adventures. At Manning Park, you can carve your way down the slopes, glide across 60km’s of Nordic trails, snowshoe the majestic and tranquil beauty of the Cascade Mountains, or soak in a hot tub and wind down for the evening at our Rustic Retreat. Your Adventure Starts Here…

We are your Winter Camping Destination, offering 60 full service winterized sites at:
Skyview Campground
An authentic Canadian Outdoor Experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and the magic winter brings. Skyview campground is connected to the Manning Park trail network, offering you all the facilities you need for an unforgettable stay.




Manning Park Resort Institutes a Minimum $18/hour Starting Wage

Group of beginner skiiers

As Manning Park Resort prepares for the upcoming winter season, they are pleased to announce that, as a component of their ongoing commitment to their staff, the Resort will be raising the starting hourly rate to $18/hour to be more reflective of today’s value. This is effective for all starting positions with the exception of servers and bartenders, which follow provincial wages due to the nature of the tipping industry.

Manning Park Resort is focused on supporting and developing its employees. Over the past year, we have implemented a variety of employee development and assistance programs to support our staff and we are not done yet. The recent implementation of an $18/hour starting wage furthers our vision and commitment to properly support employees with a living wage. When combined with our free staff housing, this presents a strong financial foundation for our employees,” states Jarred Hupe, the Resort’s Assistant General Manager.

In addition, there are currently two new staff accommodation facilities under construction that are slated to be completed before the start of this winter season. Hupe added, “they are 24 brand-new one-bedroom apartment units. Each fully furnished unit comes complete with its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space. These units will become the standard for future housing.”  All staff housing is rent-free with only a nominal bi-weekly utility fee charged. Another facility soon to be opened is a staff-only recreation and gathering building. 2 New Staff Housing Accommodation Buildings

In mid-2020, it was recognized that there was a need to provide additional services to the staff. Matt Holbrook, People and Culture Manager, headed up the task of getting the On-Site Medical & Mental Health Support that was needed. Holbrook says “every month a Nurse Practitioner and a Counsellor spend a day at Manning Park Resort to take staff appointments. This service is free and has been widely used. Most times the appointments are full.” This program is a first for the destination resort industry and has caught the attention of the entire industry as resorts look at ways in which they can further support staff in remote environments.

In addition to a great starting rate, free housing and support from the Resort Management team, there is endless opportunity for skill development and career progression within Manning Park Resort. Staff are provided with training and certification opportunities to help advance their skillsets and are encouraged to cross-train in departments of their interest.

Additionally, as an outdoor recreation destination, all staff are encouraged to take part in everything the winter and summer seasons have to offer with a free season pass to all activities. In winter, staff enjoy Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, snowshoeing, and ice skating. In summer, staff enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddle-boarding on the lake, as well as camping, and hiking.

Applications are currently being accepted for winter seasonal and year-round positions through Manning Park Resort’s website and Human Resources department. Apply today!

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Manning Park Resort is a year-round destination resort surrounded by an incredible array of recreational activities including hiking, biking, and canoeing. There are many amenities including a variety of accommodations, restaurant, pub, swimming pool, fitness centre, and group facilities. The Resort is nestled in beautiful E.C. Manning Provincial Park, 45 minutes east of Hope on Highway #3.