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Wildfire and Park Updates

September 13, 2021: All trails on the south side of HWY #3 are open, trails on the north side of HWY#3 are partially re-opened as of Sept 1, 2021.

BC Parks has implemented partial precautionary, backcountry trail closures on the north side of HWY #3 within E.C. Manning Provincial Park as a result of the Garrison Lake wildfire.




Manning Park Resort

The resort is fully open and operating as normal. This includes our accommodations, Boathouse, Pinewoods Dining Room, Country Store and full-resort facilities.

*The Loon Lagoon is undergoing maintenance, so remains closed during this time.


Trails South of HWY #3 Now Open

All trails south of HWY#3 are now open for use. These trails include:

  • Monument 78 Trail (Castle Creek Trail)
  • Monument 83 Trail
  • Pacific Crest Trail (PCT Camp to Monument 78 Camp)
  • Mt Frosty Loop (Similkameen Trail to Frosty Mt Peak)
  • Windy Joe Trail (Mt Frosty Loop to Windy Joe lookout)
  • Similkameen Trail
  • Mt Frosty Loop (Lightning Lake Day Use to Frosty Mt Peak)
  • Lightning Lake Chain Trail
  • Skyline I (Lightning Lake to Despair Pass)
  • Skyline I (Shadow Lake to Despair Pass)
  • Skyline II Trail
  • Hozameen Ridge Trail
  • South Gibson Trail
  • North Gibson Trail
  • Poland Lake Trail
  • Three Falls Trail
  • Memaloose Trail
  • Silver Daisy Trail
  • Skagit River Trail
  • Canyon Nature Trail
  • Rein Orchid Trail
  • Steamboat Trail
  • Beaver Pond Trail

The Dewdney and Whatcom Trails, and facilities West of the Cascade Parking Area also remain open at this time.


Front-Country Campgrounds

All front-country campgrounds are open and operating as normal. This includes Hampton, Lightning Lake, Coldspring, Mule Deer, Headwaters Horse Corral, and Lone Duck 1&2.


Day Use Areas

The following day-use areas are open and operating as normal. These areas include:

  • Lightning Lake Day Use
  • Strawberry Flats
  • 20 Minute Lake Day Use
  • Pacific Crest Trail – Trailhead
  • Beaver Pond Day Use
  • Monument 78/83 Day Use
  • Blowdown Day Use
  • Cayuse Flats Day Use
  • Sumallo Grove Day Use


Cascade Lookout & Blackwall Road

As of October 1, Cascade Lookout & Blackwall Road are closed for the season due to Winter Road Conditions.





Trail Closures

The following trails remain closed as a precautionary measure:

  • Bonnevier Trail
  • Upper Hope Pass (past Grainger Creek)
  • Nicomen Lake Trail (north of Nicomen Lake)
  • Whipsaw Rd (in the Park; outside of the Park is covered by an area closure)


Backcountry Campsites

The following backcountry campsites remain closed as a precautionary measure:

  • Fido Camp
  • Marmot City Camp
  • Hubbard Camp



As always, the safety of our guests, community, and staff is our top priority. We are in daily communication with BC Parks and BC Wildfire regarding the status of local wildfires. Should any changes in the current situation arise, we will update the public immediately.

Just an additional reminder that no campfires are permitted as the entire park is under a campfire ban. Please always be responsible as any heat source can start a fire. For example: vehicle exhaust pipes, cigarette butts, etc.

For current highway information, visit: Drive BC

For current wildfire information, visit: BC Wildfire Service (BCWS), and the Regional District.

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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. Manning Park is a beautiful place any time of the year. We hope the wildfires are soon under control.

  2. I am hoping to hike the Three Brothers trail, how is the current status on the closures?

    • Hi Vernette, the North side of HWY #3 is still closed due to safety concerns, and we have no re-opening date from BC Parks yet.

  3. Hoping for an update on the fires reported and smoke. Was planning a visit early September.

    • Hi Rosemary,

      We are experiencing smoke-free skies at the moment as the weather has cooled down in the mountains. The trail closures are still in effect as a safety precaution.

  4. Hi, Is mount kelly trail open for hiking?

  5. I have been looking on line to see if campfires are now permitted as we are coming up to camp next weekend. The information I find is old and or confusing. Can you advise as to the present status of campfires in the park? Thank you

    • Hi Ken, campfires are permitted in Manning Park in designated fire pits as of September 3!

  6. Campfire ban still in effect at Manning?confused as my husband thought he saw on news it was lifted starting sept 4??
    Thank you

    • Hi Michele, campfires are permitted in Manning Park in designated fire pits as of September 3

  7. Hi,
    Is there an update on trails north of nicomen lake re reopening? The kamploops fire center informed me Whipsaw fsr is open to access areas north, but not south of the road. They said nothing about trails west. Hope pass trail and nicomen lake trail.


    • Hi Sharon, we have not heard any updates from BC Parks regarding the re-opening of this trail, but once we hear from them we will be sure to update!

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